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Keep Away from Earwigs Naturally


Problems related to earwigs

Earwigs are longish black and brown insects with pincers at their rear. Normally they keep to the outdoors and gardens, feeding on the eggs of slugs and snails. Sometimes, if there is an excess of earwigs develop in a small space, they can eat the tender leafs of the plants and infest indoors in search of spiders and cockroaches. Even if they raid the interiors, they are not potentially harmful other than occasional stings.

Ways to prevent earwigs getting inside

However, you must actively guard your household against the unwanted presence of earwigs. The best way to do this is to stop the insects from getting indoors. Keep all the entrances secure and look out around the house for possible signs of earwigs. If you spot them you can set up domestic traps around the household.

Since earwigs love to thrive in moist corners, you should get any cracks or holes around the doors and windows repaired. Also keep the foundation well-drained and dry. Spreading a layer of boric acid along baseboards, window screens and door frames helps block out earwigs quite efficiently. You must clear up wood piles and leaf debris that provide a natural dark and damp shelter to earwigs.

Some tips to eliminate earwigs     

If you are already facing an earwig infestation, the safest natural repellent would be to fold a moistened newspaper and place it on the porch near the garden to create an artificial shelter for invading earwigs. Replace the captured earwigs in the morning in a tightly closed plastic bag. You can also place bird feeders in your garden to attract birds that feed on earwigs.

Another safe and easy method is to place a low sided oil can in the ground and let the earwigs slip and drown in it. If you use pesticide repellants, use them carefully to avoid harming your pets and other useful insects. 

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