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How to get rid of Cauliflower Ear?


Have knowledge related to treatment for Cauliflower Ear

Cauliflower ear looks bumpy and lumpy. Cauliflower Ear is caused by sudden blunt trauma to the ear when a hand, foot, head or even the wrestling mat comes in contact with the ear. In cauliflower ear the skin and cartilage in the ear get separated, it fills with a bloody fluid. Wrestlers and boxers are extremely susceptible to cauliflower ear, due to that much of wrestling involves actively using the head in various positions and techniques and the ear is forcefully struck, often multiple times, that can cause a blood clot to form under the skin.

First Aid for Cauliflower Ear

First apply an icepack to the injured ear as soon as possible after it is injured. The pressure and cold of ice pack will help prevent some swelling.

Draining the Cauliflower Ear

A needle and syringe is inserted by the doctor only into the ear, and some of the fluid is drained out of the swollen earlobe. There are some medical procedures include using a steroidal injection to prevent further internal bleeding. Another way to get rid of cauliflower ultimately has to resort to surgery for cosmetic reasons.

Monitor the ear because there is a chance that you may need to drain the ear again. If another draining is necessary, you have to go your doctor again.

Antibiotics for preventing the infection

Your doctor also likely prescribes antibiotics to prevent an infection or to treat an existing infection of the ear.

Provide Right Environment for Healing

For proper healing of cauliflower ear is to allow the skin and cartilage of the ear to stay close enough to one another to repair themselves. The one traditional treatment is to stitch the ear together to prevent the separation of the skin and cartilage after draining.

Using a chemical substance

Usually a steroid is filled into the space inside the cauliflower ear. The steroid stops the capillaries and the other blood vessels from bleeding inside the ear; this treatment prevents the risk of infection or further swelling.

Prevention for Cauliflower Ear

  1. To prevent cauliflower ear, wear the right headgear when playing sports especially when contact sports it is must. Helmets not only save you from developing cauliflower ear but protect you from serious head injury as well. You should always wear a helmet if you are biking, blading, riding your scooter, or playing any sport where helmets or other forms of headgear are recommended or required like football, baseball, hockey, boxing, or wrestling.
  2. If you’re a cage fighter, learn how to escape and protect yourself from the bottom to protect your ear from cauliflower ear. You should learn where to put your head and where not to. Using brute force to pull your head out of a guillotine and rushed double under guard passes aren’t good ideas.
  3. Casting of the ear tightly held in place with tape to prevent re-accumulation of blood into the space where the chances of cauliflower on your ear.

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