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How to get rid of Bloating?


Bloating means formation of excess gas in your intestinal tract and it is directly associated with indigestion and Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). The most common symptoms of bloating include rumbling in the abdomen and farting. You may also detect an uncomfortable swelling, pain and tightness in your stomach after taking a full meal.

Common causes for bloating

Bloating occurs when there is an irregularity in the contractions of your intestinal muscles. This could result from eating certain food items such as dairy products, wheat and whey products, root vegetables and cabbages, beans, prunes, spicy, fried and oily foods and aerated beverages, coffee and smoking cigarettes.

Often over-eating causes gas pains. Some women undergo bloating during their menstrual cycles. Lactose intolerance makes your system unsuitable for digesting dairy products.

How to treat bloating

If you have routine stomach upsets and gas pains, your bloating problem could be serious and you need to consult a doctor immediately. He might suggest you to get a colonoscopy done since the colon plays a major role regulation of your digestive system.

You could get temporary relief by using OTC drugs for bloating such as Gas-x, Beano, and Flatulex. Taking digestive enzymes like lipase, protease, and amylase after each meal could also help.

Some tips to prevent bloating naturally

You could get rid of bloating to a large extent if you make certain modifications in your diet plan. Drink lots of water and juices to increase fluidity of the bowel movement. Keep away from meats, yeast, wheat, milk and alcohols since these are difficult to digest. If you have constipation along with bloating, include fibers in your diet.

Stop overeating immediately. Try to take small meals throughout the day instead of a few heavy meals at a time. Do not go to bed directly after taking a meal and exercise daily. Finally, chewing your food properly before swallowing could help reduce bloating.

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