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How to get rid of Blisters?


What is a blister?

A blister is a painful bubble filled with serum forming under the skin. This liquid is a fluid secreted by your damaged blood vessels. Some blisters are also filled with blood and are known as ‘blood blisters’. Blisters generally occur on your hands and feet but could appear on some other parts of the body as well.

Factors resulting into blisters  

If a particular area of your skin is under constant friction for some time, the epidermis undergoes a tear and lets out serum fluid into the upper skin layer. Wearing ill-fitting shoes and using tools and equipments such as shovels or racquets could lead to hand and feet blisters.

Irritation caused by sunburns, chemicals, eczema or frostbite could cause blisters too. Sometimes blisters directly result from the allergic reaction of the skin when it comes in contact with poison ivy, poison oak or poison sumac.

Infections caused by viruses like Varicella Zoster, Coxsackievirus, Herpes Simplex Virus or streptococcus bacteria lead to an eruption of blisters. Using strong medications with side effects increases the susceptibility of the skin to blisters.

How to take care of blisters       

Blisters could heal by themselves after a certain period or you could also drain them manually. It is better to stay away from puncturing a blister because once the upper skin of a drained blister gets removed, you get an open sore that could invite infection. So, it is wise to leave alone the blister as the serum serves to pad and protect the damaged skin.

Once the blister heals, the serum is reabsorbed by the skin. In case the blister breaks, wash the concerned area with soapy water, antibacterial soap or alcohol and tie a bandage to it. Apply an antibiotic cream to the blisters and avoid products with neomycin that could cause allergy.

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