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How to get rid of Black Eye?


How does a black eye occur?

You get a black eye when the eyelid is bruised due to a trauma to the tissues surrounding the eye. The small blood vessels known as capillaries near the surface of the eye or the tissues burst under the impact of a trauma and let blood flow into your skin. The blood stagnates there, forms clots and turns dark over time. The result is a black eye, which is not a serious injury but takes your immune system some time to heal up.

How to treat a black eye?

Hence, if you have got a black eye, you must be patient about getting rid of it. You could get the best results by using a cold compress against the eye under trauma. Just put some ice cubes in a towel and hold it against the injury in a sequence of 15 minutes on, 15 minutes off to reduce swelling and pain. If you do this at least for two days, you will see a difference.

To recover faster from a black eye, keep your head elevated during sleeping and avoid rolling to the side of the traumatized eye. You could also get comfort from warm compresses and by massaging the damaged tissues gently.

Some tips for selecting medicines for a black eye    

There is no dearth of good bruise remedy ointments in the market. However, while choosing a cream for a black eye, make sure that it contains Vitamin A, C or K. These two vitamins repair skin and tissue damage very quickly. If you apply Lanosil soon after the head/eye trauma, you could have quicker results.

Using a painkiller containing acetaminophen and caffeine reduces pain and inflammation. However, if a black eye lasts well beyond two weeks, you must visit a doctor since this could be a pointer of other serious health problems. 

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