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Doll hairstyle brings beauty in the doll's looks. You have to take special care of the doll's hairs. Here are many types hair of doll such as follows:

  • A typical synthetic hair.
  • Goat hair
  • Curly or straight fur hair.
  • Wool or yarn hair.
  • Painted hair, its not type but hair co lour is painted on the head of the doll.

Synthetic hairs are attached to the doll's hairs by two ways, one is via wig base and another is by rooting hair on the head. Conditioner is used for cleaning hair. Pet hair brush is used instead of using human hair brush for doing comb. Human hair collects grime and dirt to doll's hair. There are simple and permanent hairstyles of the doll. Curler is used for curling the hair. Do not scrub or rub the wig of the doll. Clean it from towel and keep in warm place for drying. Goat hair wig is very expensive and its replacement is also hard. Yarn hairs are not brushed. There is no need of dying operation for the doll's hair. There are many co lour tones in the doll's hair. Woolen is used for making doll's hair curly and fluppy.

. Who does this suit?

Young, fashionable women, who sometimes like to wear sixties make-up. This asymmetric shape is especially attractive for chubby cheeks and distracts from skin imperfections.

. Which hair type is ideal?

It looks at its best with full, dark hair with light, natural waves. The shinier the hair, the better it looks. Great care is needed.

. Points to remember about this style:

  • The hair falls from a deep side parting to as far as the ear lobe; on the longer side it falls as far as the chin, and has lots of volume.
  • At the ends it's lightly layered, the fringe cut at an angle, and the hair closely cut at the neck.

. Styling:

Whilst blow-drying the hair, brush it with a skeleton brush from the back to the front and vice versa. Then shake the hair into shape and set with a little hairspray.

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