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Fantastic idea of seventies haircut types


Seventies era was exciting era of movies, dance and music. Seventies are also great for the fashion and hairstyles. The hairstyles were really pretty and cool. The seventies hairstyles are coming back in today's glam generation with modern and advanced hair products to provide you a greater depth of style.

Seventies hairstyles for women

The women in the seventies like to have great lengths for long and straight look.At that time straightening irons were not available. So women would use household iron to straighten their hair or they had to go to extra lengths to get the natural look. As 1970 was the age of hippies most of the women liked to look as natural as possible.

Seventies Vintage hairstyles which are great for short and medium hair are returning back. It is one of the type of sedu hairstyle. Era of seventies was the beginning of new fashion, so the birth of every hairstyle. Because of no curlers and rollers women were carefree with their silky hair down on the back. High ponytail is one of the popular hairstyle at that time. Some women liked to wear perm style on long hair.

Men's seventies hairstyle

Today men are trying hard to achieve seventies look. Men should go for longer hair to create the seventies hairstyle. Those who really want the perfect hairstyle should get the ideas from the videos movies made in seventies. Some men dye their hair darker to get the seventies look.

Seventies hairstyles for girls

Girls can get the seventies look by wearing long layered shags. Some girls with seventies look go for middle parting as it is very easy. Girls add a little color and some flowers to have a fun and youthful feel. The girls look beautiful in seventies hairstyle look.

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