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Details of male braid haircut


The male braids are hairstyle some male’s are not consider it is good but they are looking very fashionable when creating hairstyle. Utilize fish oil, biotin and multi vitamin in your regular lunch to increase your hair. Use shampoo and conditioner to clean hair before creating braids.

Types of braids in male

  • Corn rows – this normally leave in hand by the micro braids. The micro rows leave in backside and corn rows are in front side. This fashion is made in all types of hair like curly, straight and in arithmetic way. Take proper precaution of hair. This is easy way moisturize them daily and wrap them at nighttime with scarf.
  • Micro braids – This micro braids are also known as invisible braids. They are normally utilized in combination by search at backside of head and corn rows.

Medium to long hair- French braids

The hair is long then it is easy to braids. The French braid method is simple, wonderful and flexible. Make dissimilar seems from inserting the ends of braid below the braid to cover available extremity into soft bun. It starts with slim plait glide from the top level of hair.

Instructions for male braids

  1. Clean your hair before braiding it. Wash hair is easier to braid than grimy hair.
  2. Examine your hair carefully. Some bond and twist in your hair will create French braiding it almost not possible.
  3. Humidity your hair with scatter bottle. It is not required to be totally covered with water but soggy hair holds jointly and creates braiding simpler.
  4. Divide top part of hair into three piece starting whole method at the scalp. Create certain parts are still divided totally, downward to scalp.

Tips for male braids

  1. Hair ties utilize lacking metal. Metal bits can massage your hair and smash it rotten, reasoning lasting injury.
  2. Avoid strive to braid scruffy hair. Braiding over knots will only create them bad.

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