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Petrissage Massage Technique


Petrissage is a very important scalp manipulation, which involves light or heavy kneading, rolling, squeezing, pinching movements in circular motion to increase blood circulation in the scalp. At the time of petrissage movements soft tissues are compressed against each other. The petrissage movements are Lifting, Rolling; Pick up, Squeeze, Wringing and Kneading. Petrissage movements are only used on relaxed muscle tissue. Petrissage must be applied slowly and rhythmically to the massage area. It is performed with the hands for therapeutic effect on the nervous and muscular systems and on systemic circulation.

This is helpful for the help in strengthening the structures by stimulating the deep layers of tissue and help in increasing the supply of blood to the area. Petrissage can be performed using either one or both hands. It is used as a specific treatment. Petrissage is a focused massage movement concentrating on specific muscle groups. Compression movements techniques are used to involve increased pressure and vascular stimulation.

What are the benefits of petrissage?

There are various benefits of petrissage and some are as follows

  • stimulating the skin
  • elimination of knots
  • improving muscle tone
  • stimulation to the lymphatic system
  • increases blood flow to congested deep muscular tissue
  • improving the elimination of waste products from tissues
  • breakdown of adipose tissue.

How petrissage techniques are useful?

  • Kneading - The light kneading eases the top muscle layers and firmer kneading works on the deeper muscles. The tissues are moved about in large circles by the tips of the fingers of the right hand,. Wringing - The wringing is done between the two smooth, flat surfaces. The surface of massage seem to be glued.
  • Squeeze - By using the the thumbs and palms work against them with an upward, outward, and spiral movement by which the tissues are rolled, squeezed.

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