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Adverse Effects of Chemical Dyes


The chemicals used in dyes cause reaction on the skin. In may cases, the burning sensation does not start immediately after dyeing. But the reaction may start after 48 hours after dyeing in a few cases. In case of a reaction, reddishness starts with the ears, spreads to the eyes and then the whole face swells. Some may even get eczema. It is advised to take a skin-test by applying some dye behind the ears or on the neck. Let it dry and apply again. This test can be done on the inner part of the elbow where the skin is tender. If there is no reaction within 48 hours, go ahead and dye your hair. There is no guarantee that you are immune to reaction all the times you dye hair. It is suggested to test every time before dyeing the hair.

Consult a doctor in case of reaction. In order to ward off the ill-effects of para' chemicals, use water with sodium chloride (kitchen salt) to clean your hair. To make this mixture, mix to two litres water two tablespoons of sodium chloride and one tablespoon hydrogen peroxide. Wash the hair twice a day. The following solutions are applied on the skin with cotton:

•  Take fresh, clean water. Add to it boric powder and apply on the affected part.

•  Take ten camomile flowers, put them in boiling water. Strain the mixture and apply when it gets cold.

Do not dye your hair in case the following conditions prevail:

•  During menstruation periods.

•  During pregnancy.

•  After childbirth till the child is suckling.

•  If you are suffering from some skin disease.

•  In case of asthma, heart trouble or kidney trouble.

•  If you feel burning sensation while dyeing.

•  If you have falling hair, and they are extremely dry.

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