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How to do Hair Perming at Home?


Cold perming is possible at home since heat is no longer required. Here is a step by step procedure for perming the hair at home:

1. Shampoo the hair to clean all sebum which might interfere with the penetration of the solution.

2. Separate the hair in strands and moisten with the thioglycolate solution.

3. Wind each strand on a curler.

4. Moisten again with the solution and leave on the hair for the duration indicated in the instructions.

5. Neutralise with the other solution, which is generally sodium perborate. Then rinse thoroughly.

6. A successful home perm greatly depends on your ability to set out the curlers in a harmonious fashion, and to estimate the correct time for each operation. Excessive time weakens the hair.

Sometimes, there is feeling of severe irritation on the scalp and hands after home perms. Infact, the thioglycolate solution used in cold perms is very alkaline and its action on keratin is not limited to that of the hair, but it also alters and damages the horny layer of the scalp and these factors cause skin irritation. The symptoms of skin irritation are inflammation, excessive dryness and sometimes peeling of the scalp. Similar conditions are also sometimes seen on the hands. Remember, if thioglycolate gets into the eyes, it can cause conjunctivitis.

To cure irritation, apply an ointment which can be bought from a druggist with the following ingredients:

Almond Oil: One part

Zinc Oxide: One part

Lanolin: Two part

Vaseline: Half part

Sometimes, after the perms, ill-effects like digestive trouble (nausea and vomiting), respiratory trouble (feeling of suffocation and dry cough) and violent headache occur. Avoid perms if you:

•  Have damaged hair.

•  Have recently bleached hair.

•  Are in poor health.

•  Suffer from contracted dermatitis.

•  Had your last perm done within the past four months.

•  Or your hairdresser has not conducted the test on your hair before a perm.

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