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Hair Dye Procedure and Methods


There was a time when grey hair was symbolic of old age. They signified seniority and experience. But things have changed now. Most of the young men and women find their hair is going pre-mature grey, and hence they are left with no option but to resort to dyeing. Fashion hair colors are in vogue. Women bleach their hair and dye in different colors. With advancing age, greying starts with random grey hair but soon it catches on rapidly.

On spotting one or two grey hair, women tend to pull them out, which is a wrong practice. One hair pulled, gives birth to a couple of other grey hair. When hair is pulled with a jerk, the roots secrete a liquid which spreads to other hair affecting them too. They also turn grey. If at all you wish to get rid of the few grey hair you have, do not pull them. Cut them off with scissors near the root. Many times, grey hair comes off while brushing or combing. Hair can be dyed by three methods:

1. Dyeing with coloring oil.

2. Dyeing with herbs.

3. Dyeing with chemical hair dyes.

Herbal dyes are not permanent. Herbs used for dyeing are henna, walnut bark and tea leaves. Of these, henna is more popular. People prefer chemical dyes. The dyes are more or less permanent and if dyed well, hair looks almost natural black. Chemical hair dyes are not affected by climate, season, water and soap. These dyes are made with chemicals like 'para', hydrogen peroxide and others.

How to dye your hair?

1. Wash your hair clean. Remove all grease and apply the dye with a brush. Use rubber gloves, as color left by the dye mars the beauty of the fingers and hands.

2. Do not apply the dye on the skin of your scalp; apply on hair only.

3. Let the dye remain on the hair for one hour and wash it off with shampoo.

4. Dyeing is to be repeated after a fortnight or so, because when hair grow, roots start showing grey.

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