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Trichoepithelioma Remedies and Treatment


What is Trichoepithelioma ?

Trichoepithelioma is a kind of skin tumor or it is a non hereditary tumor which is characterized by strands of basal cells surrounded by fibrocellular stroma. It is mostly occur in the face, upper trunks and arms. It is mostly common to the adults and in some cases it has been seen in childhood. In this disease multiple skin-coloured nodules occur after puberty. Trichoepithelioma Papulosum Multiplex, Epithelioma Adenoides Cysticum are the synonyms of Trichoepithelioma.

Causes of Trichoepithelioma

• mutation in a gene located on band 9q21 is caused to tumor in this disease
• gene involved in basal cell carcinoma is responsible pathogenesis of Trichoepithelioma.
• In some cases mutations of the CYLD gene (cylindromatosis gene) that maps to 16q12-q13 has been seen for the cause of tumors like cylindroma, trichoepithelioma, and spiradenoma.

Symptoms of Trichoepithelioma

• Small rounded and shiny tumors
• Some time these tumors may be yellow, pink, brown or bluish
• It is normally increase in number with age
• Occurs in cheeks, eyelids and around the nose

Treatment of Trichoepithelioma

• The primary treatment for this disease is surgical treatment.
• Split-thickness skin grafting, dermabrasion, and laser surgery are suggested with different results.
• Carbon dioxide laser and dermabrasion may be useful in improving the look but tumor may regrowth.
• adjuvant radiotherapy is also an useful treatment for this disease.

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