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Seborrhoeic Dermatitis Causes and Cure


What is Seborrhoeic dermatitis?

Seborrhoeic dermatitis is an usual and normal skin condition in which skin become scaly, flaky, itchy and red in the area like face, trunk, head, scalp and also in other area. It is characterized by inflammation and irritation in skin regions with high sebum production and the large body folds and cause is not known. It is mostly seen in teenagers and in men than women. It also affects to the infants but not to them who are older than 6 to 8 months. It is temporary and harmless disease.

Causes of Seborrhoeic dermatitis

The cause of Seborrhoeic dermatitis is not known but it has been seen that it may be induced by changes in humidity, changes in seasons, trauma (e.g., scratching), or emotional stress or it may also occur because of some medicines such as auranofin, aurothioglucose, buspirone, chlorpromazine, cimetidine, ethionamide, gold, griseofulvin, haloperidol, methyldopa, phenothiazines, thiothixene, and trioxsalen.

Symptoms of Seborrhoeic dermatitis

Seborrhoeic dermatitis occurs because of over sebum production therefore it occurs in the greasy area like scalp, head and central part. It causes other symptoms which are given below:

  • scaly, flaky, itchy and red skin
  • bad dandruff may occur
  • when condition becomes bad some rashes occurs which look like round or oval patches of red, scaly, greasy skin.
  • Yellow-brown crusts on the patches.
  • Hair loss may experience.

Treatment of Seborrhoeic dermatitis

  • Regular use of antifungal agents may be useful treatment to control this disease.
  • For head and scalp some medicated shampoo which contains ketoconazole, selenium sulfide, zinc pyrithione, coal tar, and salicylic  are helpful for dandruff and patches.
  • if it occurs in other area use of an antifungal cream is antifungal cream is useful.
  • Treatment with mild emollients, hydrocortisone cream and / or topical ketoconazole are beneficial.
  • Certain medicines like Salicylic acid, Clobetasol, and Pimecrolimus are suggested essential for the treatment of Seborrhoeic dermatitis.

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