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Public Lice Remedies and Causes


What is Pubic lice ?

Pubic lice are parasitic insects found in the genital area of humans and infest it with their eggs and it is also called as Lice - pubic; Crabs. These insects mostly affects to the armpit hair and eyebrows. It is mostly spread by sexual contact and may also occur through contact with infested bedding or clothing.

Causes of Pubic lice

Pubic lice is caused by stout, pubic lice which, besides affecting the pubic region, may also affect the eyebrows, axillae, and the hairy sternal region. The life parasites is about the same as that of the head louse. Infection is transmitted through sexual intercourse, or the use of common bathing costumes and lavatories.

Symptoms of Pubic lice

The symptoms are intense itching, scratch marks, nits and the lice. The latter are firmly attached to the hair and skin. They appears as dark dots on the skin. On touching they move.

Treatment of Pubic lice

The treatment of Pubic lice is consist in shaving the pubic hair, rubbing in DDT powder or ointment and in the after-use of a mild soothing ammoniated mercury ointment. Underclothing must be disinfected with DDT or by boiling. Hot tub bath with medicated soap is beneficial

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