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Miliaria Remedies and Home Treatment


What is Miliaria?

Miliaria is a group of dermatoses characterized by sweating, but obstruction of discharge result6s in the sweat getting trapped inside the skin. According to shelley and simons, sweat is secreted into, instead of onto the skin. Depending upon the sites at which the sweat is retained.

What are the types of Miliaria?

There are four types of Miliaria and they are as follows:

  1. Miliaria Crystallina
  2. Miliaria Rubra
  3. Miliaria Profunda
  4. Miliaria Pustulosa
  • Miliaria Crystallina (sudamina)- Sweat retention occurs in the straturn corneum with the production of discrete but agglomerated, superficial (almost on the surface of the skin). Pin-point, crystal-clear, translucent vesicles which can be easily rubbed off.
  • Miliaria Rubra (prickly heat)- All practitioners in tropical countries are familiar with this malady in which sweat retention occurs in the epidermis with production of pin-head-sized papule vesicles and vesicles with erythematous halo. The lesions are discrete. When they involve, desquamation is produced.
  • Miliaria Profunda- Sweat retention occurs in the dermis with the production of flesh-coloured, dermal papules localized around a sweat pore (not follicular).
  • Miliaria Pustulosa- It is pustular sweat retention in the epidermis and is characterized by non-follicular, superficial, discrete pustules with whitish purulent material.

Symptoms of Miliaria

  • There are no signs of inflammation in the case of Miliaria Crystallina. Lesions are transitory, appearing suddenly and disappearing rapidly by fine desquamation.
  • The common symptoms of Miliaria Rubra are burning, tingling and itching. To begin with, there is hyperhidrosis; later, the skin surface shows anhidrosis resulting from the retention of sweat.
  • The condition must be distinguished from folliculitis; here the lesions are follicular, yellowish, deeper pustules.

Treatment of Miliaria

  • Treatment of Miliaria Crystallina is with talcum powder massage, or application of calamine lotion.
  • Treatment consist in prevention of excessive sweating by reduced physical exertion, light diet, light and loose cotton clothing, cold baths and vitamin A.
  • In the case of Miliaria Profunda the condition is seen after exposure to sunlight and physical exertion. Air-conditioning and proper nursing help to cure the condition.
  • The treatment of Miliaria Pustulosa consist in adopting measures to reduce sweating, and in therapy for primary dermatosis responsible for miliaria pustulosa.

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