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Permanent Hair Removal Methods


Hairs and excess hairs sometimes causes the women or men to look themselves as not beautiful. There are many reasons why men and women choose to remove unwanted body hair. Excess body hair may be undesirable and in many instances cause embarrassment and low self esteem. Women attribute hair removal to beauty and looking sexy. Each person should chose a method or combination of methods that works best for them depending on cost, time available, skin type, and the desired hair-free area.

Hair removal with Thermolysis

A relatively new method of removing hair, the process of hair removal is the same as electrolysis. The hair is destroyed by coagulating the papilla which is the source of nourishment for hair through the use of heat.

Laser Hair removal

Light at a specified wavelength is delivered from a hand piece into the skin, where it targets dark material (usually the pigment in hair). This is intended to cause thermal and/or mechanical damage to a hair follicle while sparing surrounding tissues.

Hair removal through Epiliators

This method is less messy than waxing. It has advantage of do-it- yourself at home and it is also hygienic. The disadvantages include that it is darned sight more painful than waxing and you have to invest in the epilator.

Hair removal with shaving

This method is painless and easy to do. However the results are short-lived as hair is out of the surface & not uprooted. Also regrowth is prickly (ouch! those stubbly legs!) as hair is cut at an angle, not to mention the risk of skin abrasions & nicks.

Advantages of Permanent methods of hair removal.

  • After every sitting the growth of hair becomes finer and eventually stops.
  • Once the hair stops growing, it is forever.
  • This is the only real solution to excessive hair growth.
  • Useful for large areas such as backs or legs.
  • Fine hair requires very few removal sessions and gradually the hair growth stops.

Disadvantages of Permanent methods of hair removal.

  1. Improper treatment can cause burns, lesions, skin discoloration lasting several months, or patchy/patterned re growth.
  2. It is a very costly method of removing hair, specially when area of unwanted hair is to be treated.
  3. This method can be painful experience.A poorly trained electrologist can harm the skin by causing permanent scars end depressions.

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