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Fox-Fordyce disease Treatment and Cure


What is Fox-Fordyce disease?

Fox-Fordyce disease is also called chronic itching popular eruption 0of the axillae and pubes. It is a rare affection seen mainly in young females, and is characterized by multiple discrete, pin-head to lentil-sized, firm, flesh-coloured, translucent papules; occasionally, a punctum or crust may be seen on the papule. Lesions are accompanied by marked purities. The most common site of affection is the axillae; less frequently, the pubes and the breasts may be involved.

Causes of Fox-Fordyce disease

The cause is unknown. The feeling amongst authorities is that it is either an obstruction of the apocrine glands, an endocrine disorder or a toxic manifestation. A bout of itching is precipitated by emotional upset and not so much by heat.

Treatment of Fox-Fordyce disease

Treatment is unsatisfactory. Good results have been reported with X-rat therapy and/or oestrogen and progesterone. In resistant cases, the surgical excision of the skin may have to be resorted to Kronthal ET al. have reported good results with oral contraceptive-Enovid (p).

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