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Bromhidrosis Treatment and Cure


What is Bromhidrosis or osmidrosis?

Bromhidrosis or body odor (also called bromidrosis, osmidrosis and ozochrotia) is foul smelling sweat is usually confined to the feet, and less often, to the axillae and the genitalia. It usually result from hyperhidrosis and bacterial decomposition of sweat. It may also be produced by the intake of valerian, asfoetida, onions and garlic in food and, occasionally in disease like gout and diabetes. In this case certain bacteria (cornebacteria) that are on the skin convert the sweat to a malodorus (foul smelling) end product.

Types of Bromhidrosis

There are two types of bromhidrosis. Both types of bromhidrosis may occur in people of all races, sex and age, some differences do exist between the two types.

  • Eccrine bromhidrosis - It is not as fragrant because eccrine sweat is nearly 100% water. The comparably large apocrine glands are found in limited areas, most notably the underarms and ano-genital skin, where they secrete (in remarkably small quantities) their sweat into the hair follicle.
  • Apocrine bromhidrosis - The cause of apocrine bromhidrosis is poor hygiene of skin and clothing. Apocrine bromhidrosis is, of course, more specific. It results from bacterial alterations of apocrine sweat, essentially all within the axilla.

Taking a medical history may reveal diseases or conditions that contribute to the occurrence of bromhidrosis e.g. obesity, diabetes mellitus, and intertrigo. A recent study suggests that body odor is genetically determined by a gene that also codes the type of earwax one has.

What are the treatments of Bromhidrosis ?

The treatment is similar to that employed for localized hyperhidrosis, namelty; sterilization of clothing and socks by boiling, of shoes by formaline, frequent changes of cloths and footwear, and the wearing of open chapels. Locally, sodium hexametaphosphate powder or dequadin (P) or mycoderm (P) powder is useful; so also 2 to 5 per cent chromic acid paint once a week has been successfully used. Cetrilak (P) soap may be used.

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