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Alopecia Mucinosa Treatment and Cure


Alopecia mucinosa was first described in 1957 by Hermann Pinkus, MD, in a case series of six patients. he described about slowly enlarging, well-defined plaques with alopecia that were usually confined to the scalp, face, or neck, or a combination of these areas. Alopecia mucinosa can also present as folliculocentric or comedone-like papules that coalesce into plaques. Rarely, plaques disseminate on the trunk and extremities.

Symptoms and Signs of Alopecia mucinosa

  • Alopecia Mucinosa usually presents as slightly scaly bald patches in which the hair follicles are more prominent than usual.
  • Early signs of the disease are the presence of grouped follicular papules (raised spots) that appear in reddened plaques or patches.
  • These are usually 2-5 cm in diameter but can be larger.

Treatment of Alopecia mucinosa

There is no proven effective treatment for alopecia mucinosa. Usually primary and acute alopecia mucinosa occurring in children resolves spontaneously. Because there is a small chance of spontaneous resolution for other forms of the disease, the effect of treatment can be difficult to assess. Some treatments that have been tried with limited success include:

  • Topical, intralesional and systemic corticosteroids
  • Oral antibiotics such as minocycline
  • Topical and systemic photochemotherapy ( PUVA )
  • UVA1 phototherapy

Secondary alopecia mucinosa should be treated appropriately for the underlying skin disease, particularly if this is cutaneous T-cell lymphoma.

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