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Telogen Effluvium Home Treatment and Diffuse Hair Loss


Telogen effluvium is a form of non scarring alopecia. Telogen effluvium is caused by stress and hormonal change causes a large number of hairs to enter telogen at one time. There are three types of the telogen effluvium such as short, long, chronic. This trauma contains large numbers of hair follicles to enter a stage of telogen. There are so many causes of the telogen effluvium. Hair grows at a nearly constant rate of approximately 1 cm per month. It is commonly seen in men and women and mostly appear in the adult person. Telogen effluvium can be acute. It is uncommon disease. The person who have telogen effluvium their hair is falling out at an increased rate.

Telogen is the name for the resting stage of the hair growth cycle. It is normal to lose up to about 100 hairs a day on one's comb, brush, in the sink or on the pillow. This is the result of the normal hair growth cycle. Hairs will grow for a few years, then rest for a few months, shed, and regrow.

The causes of telogen effluvium are illness, high fevers, childbirth, infections, poor diet, harmon al changes, some allergy. There are so many treatments are available for the telogen effluvium. Hairs are typically shed during shampooing, combing. During telogen the hair remains in the follicle. For the telogen effluvium some of the tested and surgeries also required for the treatment. Telogen effluvium is the common hair loss. When hair growth has stopped it takes 1-3 months for the affected hairs to fall out. It is caused due to the alteration of the normal hair growth cycle.

The main symptom of the telogen effluvium is hair loss from the scalp. The time telogen effluvium the person can take resting which there stress can be remove. In women telogen effluvium is caused alopecia areata. After the telogen effluvium the hair becomes thin.

A telogen effluvium is when some stress causes hair roots to be pushed prematurely into the resting state. Telogen effluvium can be acute or chronic. A considerable number of different causes for telogen effluvium exist. Among the common causes are high fevers, childbirth, severe infections, severe chronic illness, severe psychological stress, major surgery or illnesses, over or under active thyroid gland, crash diets with inadequate protein, and a variety of medications.

Most hair loss from medications is this type and causes include retinoids, beta blockers, calcium channel blockers, antidepressants.

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