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Split End Hair Cure and Home Remedies


Split end hair is the common problem in the women. By the split end hair can locks the beautiful appearance. It is seen at the time of the trimming who have the long hair. Our hair can grow upto the certain level upto this our hair are protective after that our hair can get split up. And it can damage the fibers of the inner layers, cortex and medula. It is not a big problem. By taking the proper care of hair we can get rid from the split end hair.

Avoid recurrence by having a trim about every six weeks. Now a day there are so many products are present for the cure of split end hair. The protective cuticle has been stripped away from the ends of hair fibers. These products also can treated completely.The coloring and perms make hair weak and vulnerable for split ends. Split ends are more common in the dry hair. The hair will split into two or three strands. The hair has many split ends.

To use specialist products that are designed to seal the splits temporarily in order to catch any splits. The hair for a length of two to three centimeters in length. At the time of split end hair it is better to cut the hair. This is the best way for the given problem. There is no more effective treatment for the split end hair. For this split end hair we can take some prevention for this such as don't use brush on the wet hairs, trim the hair for the 5 to 6 weeks and use the good quality conditioner, extensive care is to be taken for hair in every season, instead of a shower cap you could use some saran wrap that works very well. This problem is more seen into the women than the men. A split end occurs when the protective cuticle is worn away on the tip of a strand. This will allow the fibers of the cortex to unravel and the hair to split lengthwise.

Solution for Split-End Hair

. Do not comb or brush wet hair.

. Massage the hair with finger-pads.

. Mix two tablespoons castor oil, one teaspoon each vinegar and glycerin.

Massage into the scalp. Now steam the hair, then wash it off.

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