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The oily hair can be a big problem. The oily hair can causes the acne problems which can locks the appearance of the face. The hair wicks the oil away from the scalp. Excess sebum on the scalp is the primary cause of oily hair. Everyone likes to see there hairs have shiny, bouncy and beautiful hair. Hormones affect oil production. That harmones affect hormone levels may and affect the oiliness of hair. Oily hair seen can be due to a hormonal imbalance; poor diet too hygiene fatty foods; irregular washing of hair. The oily hair is caused by an oily scalp.

The oily hair is usually a temporary part of puberty. For the oily hair we acne take some precautions which are very necessary for our health. And they are shampooing the hair early in the morning, avoid the hygienic food, use the good conditioner, to remove the sebum adequately from the scalp, avoid drugs, alcohol and oils, combing and brushing aid in the movement of sebum from the scalp down the hair shaft, don’t scratch scalp when you have oily hair, drink more water. By taking the self care we can get rid from the oily hair.

Oily Hair looks limp, too greasy and clumps together due to

  • the oily scalp,
  • increased hormonal activity during puberty,
  • psychological stress and
  • over-using hair conditioner.

The oily hair causes so many problems to our health and the appearance. For the oily hair there are various home remedies and treatments are available forthe oily hair. In adult women it may come with the menstrual cycle and by using birth control pills.

Solution for oily hair

. Shampoo your hair with an oil-free shampoo.

. Do not use an oily conditioner. Use oil-free conditioner once a week.

. Wash your hair, then rinse with the tea and finally rinse hair with cold water.

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