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Treatment of Dull Hair by Home remedies


The dry hair is caused by heat and there heat elements. Dull hair is formed due to the lacking in lustre despite frequent washing. Hot air can be damaging the hair. The dull hair is damaged from the processing of over brushing. Dull hair are the cuticle lies flat and reflects the light. The dullness of hair occurs due to lack of oil content in the scalp. Each strand of your hair is made of 3 layers - the cuticle, the cortex and the medulla. Dull hair can locks the appearance of our face.

For dull hair some prevention can be taken to reduce the dry hair problem. And these are hot air can be damaging to your hair so when using a hair dryer use the cool setting, wear a scarf if you're going to be exposed to sun, the good quality shampoo and conditioner are used, avoid heat-styling implements, to keep your hair clean, get regular haircuts every 6 - 8 weeks. Mineral-rich hard water will good for the dull hair.

Hair has no sheen. It may split at the ends. The color of hair becomes extremely drab.

The dullness of hair occurs due to lack of oil content in the scalp, frequent washing with hard water, hair not rinsed thoroughly after shampooing, dietary deficiencies and excessive use of hair spray or setting lotion.

Solution for dull hair

. Use a protein-based hair conditioner.

. Dry clean your hair. To do this, wrap a nylon stocking over a brush and given your hair a dozen strokes.

. Give an instant boost with beer to the hair. Pour cold beer over the head, leave it to be absorbed for five minutes, then rinse off.

. Give an egg mask to your hair. To do this, mix two eggs in a cup of olive oil and rub into your hair, then rinse off.

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