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Brittle Hair Causes and Symptoms


Brittle hair means dry hair. They are appear dry because of dome causes. Some gels, mousses and sprays which promise to help control brittle hair. To grow properly, new hair needs protein, minerals and vitamins, particularly Biotin.

The hair-conditioner, scalp-oils, massages and avoiding all of the external causes of hair-stress may sometimes helps for the brittle hair.

Hair looks dry, lifeless, lacks manageability and snarls easily. It has many split ends and breaks when a strand is pulled between the fingers.

Brittle Hair often breaks off close to the scalp. The brittleness is caused due to

  • brushing wet hair roughly,
  • if the perming solution is left on the hair for a long time,
  • over exposure to sunlight,
  • prolonged illness,
  • imbalanced diet,
  • deficiency in calcium and protein,
  • excessive use of hair dryer or electric rollers.

There are so many facts related to the brittle hair. By taking the proper precaution we can control the brittle hair. The causes of brittle hair are myxedema, lack of conditioner, natural wear, cote katsantoni syndrome, exposure to wind, over conditioning with a protein conditioner. The some drugs, medications, toxins are causes of Brittle hair. The symptoms of brittle hair are Hair loss, Alopecia, Hair disorders, Scalp disorders.

Solution for Brittle Hair

. Do not brush wet hair.

. Do not rub your hair vigorously.

. Avoid using hair dryer or electric rollers.

. Avoid exposure of hair in the sun or moving in cold weather.

. Use hair conditioner regularly.

. Be sure your hair is in excellent condition before you have it permed, straightened, bleached or tinted.

. Shampoo your hair by massaging the scalp with pads of the fingers, not your nails. Work the shampoo from roots to ends gently.

Tips for the Brittle Hair

  • To use a good conditioner at least twice a week.
  • Follow the instructions on the product.
  • Take vitamin and mineral supplements.
  • To maintain its moisture balance
  • Always drink plenty of water.
  • Good hygiene is important for healthy hair.
  • To massage mayonnaise into your hair thoroughly, starting from the roots to the hair ends. Then pile your hair on top of your head and cover them fully with plastic food wrap.

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