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Pelade Information - Causes, Symptoms and Remedies for Pelade


Several well-defined clear bald patches on the head usually in case of a child can be pelade. Upon close examination of these patches, you will find amongst the apparently healthy hair, there are some broken abnormal hair too. This is characteristic of pelade.

These hair are commonly called 'exclamation marks' because the hair is bigger at its broken end than at its base. This alternation at the base of the hair is an indication that the hair is not well nourished and is diseased. It is also a sign indicating that the patch is going to expand. The normal hair situated around the patch are often virtually dead and usually fall out at the slightest pull.

Pelade patches doesn't feel any pain nor any itching in the affected areas. It is seen, in some cases the patches keep expanding for a few weeks, then remain static and become covered with a new growth of healthy hair. However, it takes from four to ten months for the bald patch to disappear completely. It can also happen that various bald patches join each other resulting in total baldness. In some cases, however, there may also be falling of the hair of the eyebrows and eyelashes.

Pelade is not contagious, because it is not due to a germ but to a temporary deficiency in the nourishment of the hair bulb, caused by a spasm of some scalp arteries brought about by various factors. Remember, if malnutrition of the hair bulb continues over a period of time, the hair will eventually die and fall out. The most common causes of this disorder are:

. Severe psychological shock, generally due to an accident.

. Effect on the sympathetic nervous system having effect on the arteries of the scalp.

. Hereditary factor.

Pelade Solution

. Calming effect on the nervous system by the use of tranquillizers.

. Ensure a calm and quiet life.

. Stimulating the blood circulation in bald patches by friction, massage, application of carbonic snow and tincture of cantharides.

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