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Hair Loss Treatment - How to Treat Loss of Hair Naturally?


There are two types of loss of hair-Acute falling and Chronic falling. The acute falling is generally caused by:

. After-effects of high temperature fever (which include typhoid, scarlet fever influenza etc.) and generally due to lack of nourishment. The hair starts growing again in such cases.

Hair Loss

Chronic Hair Falling - If you have chronic hair falling, you can start using the egg based shampoos. These shampoos reduce the hair fall and make hair lusturous.
Round Patches of Baldness

. Pregnancy, childbirth and breast feeding due to hormonal disturbances. Usually falling of hair starts after about 70 to 80 days.

. Serious operations or severe trauma (burns and fractures) cause hair loss. The falling of hair usually starts after two months and fresh hair will start growing as soon as the condition improves. .

. Exposure of scalp to X-rays causes falling of hair. The falling of hair starts after two weeks and fresh hair mayor may not grow.

. Thallium is a strong poisonous substance used for killing rats. The falling of - hair starts within two weeks after consuming thallium salts. In this case hair from eyebrows and body start falling.

. Hormonal disorders result in loss of hair in adults.

Diffuse Hair Loss

The diffuse pattern, most ordinary type of hair loss happens in women. Diffuse hair loss is most frequently hereditary, but it can also be caused by fundamental medical conditions, medications or other factors. As we know common or hereditary baldness in women this also called female pattern called as alopecia, is hereditary and can come from both mother's or father's side of the family. It is caused by the actions of two enzymes, aromatase, which is found predominantly in women.

Chronic Hair Falling - For hair falling which is chronic in nature, egg based shampoo do a miracle. They contain the hair fall and improves your crown.
Round Patches of Baldness

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Hair Loss

Chronic Hair Falling

Round Patches of Baldness


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