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Summers are the times when people go to beaches and take that sun bath which they desire all throughout the winters. The cool breeze and nice water are something they desire. Being at the beach makes it even more important to get rid of those unwanted hairs in those awkward spots. Nads Hair Removal is a great way to get rid of those unwanted hairs.

Benefits of using Nads Hair Removal

  • No Heat - Basically Nads works like hot wax.  The difference is that Nads is a crème that is applied by the user and is not accompanied by any sensation of heat.
  • Easy Application - When buying Nads, the consumer will notice that the kit comes with a spatula in order to easily apply the crème to a specific area.  This makes Nads easy to apply. For all its claims about being quick and easy, using Nads can be trickier than first appearances would suggest.  The main reason for this is the crème itself.  It can be goopy and is sometimes difficult to spread over the desired area.  This makes it very difficult to spread evenly.  It is also tough to remove the crème with strips of cloth that are provided with the kit.  Inconsistent application of the crème and difficulty in spreading makes the application of Nads more difficult than the company claims.
  • Great for specific areas - Because it is a crème that requires little preparation, Nads works great for removing hair from specific or small areas.  It can be applied quickly and it will not bleed over into other areas.
  • It is Safe - Not only is there no heat involved in using Nads to remove hair, but it is also free from chemicals that are harmful.  The company itself even makes the claim that the product is safe for you to eat!  I don't know if anyone has actually tried this, so you might be on your own to find out if this is true.  But regardless of the edibility of Nads, with no heat and no harmful chemicals it is clearly a safe option for hair removal.

Disadvantages of using Nads

  • Doesn't remove all the hair - Because of the difficulties in application and removal of Nads it is quite possible that sections of hair will be left after the crème is removed.  This will require another application by the user.
  • Can irritate the skin - The claim that Nads is done without heat is true, but the claim that it is painless is not.  Depending on the sensitivity of your skin, Nads could leave you with red marks and a great deal of pain from irritation. 
  • There are both benefits and drawbacks to Nads.  To attack small specific areas, Nads definitely has a leg up on the competition; however there are many potential side effects.  It will be important for the consumer to understand both the gains and risks involved by using Nads.

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