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How to get Healthy Hair Scalp?


The hair scalp is nothing but the skin on the head, which is similar to body skin. Like skin on the body, the scalp consists of two layers - the dermis and the epidermis. However, larger and deeper hair follicles are present on the scalp.

Composition of Hair

The chemical composition of hair, usually varying with the color of the hair, is as follows:

Carbon - 50.56%

Hydrogen - 6.38%

Nitrogen - 17.14%

Oxygen - 20.85%

Sulphur - 5.00%

The hair is composed of a protein called keratin - the substance formed by the basic elements in the cortical cells. Soft keratin forms the superficial layers of the skin and scalp, whereas hard keratin is found only in hair and nails.
The hard keratin in the hair can change the shape under the action of water, heat and by stretching.

However, whatever the shape is, the chemical composition of soft and hard keratin is the same, whereas physical composition differs. Full growth of the hair is divided into two parts: the root and the shaft.

The rate of hair growth varies from person to person. The average monthly growth of hair varies between ¼ to ½ inch and the growth is maximum between the age of 20 and 30. The growth is faster in summer than in winter.

The life of hair is cyclical i.e. after a few years of growth, the hair becomes inactive and dies, then falls. The life span of a hair can be anything from several months to several years depending upon the health of the scalp.

The trouble starts when new hair doesn't grow in the follicle due to hormonal activity in the body and inadequate blood supply preventing healthy growth. The sebaceous glands situated about half way up the hair follicle secrete sebum - the natural hair lubricant which makes hair lively and shiny.

The hair shaft is coated with sebum which flows freely on the shaft. When the sebaceous glands become over-active, a greasy hair condition occurs. The color of hair is determined by hereditary factors.

There are four types of hair- Normal, Greasy, Dry and Greasy dry. Every woman should know the type of hair she has.

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