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Fashion Tips and Suggestion for Women


Body frame, skin texture, comfort level and personal approach or opinion are some major factors which decide your fashion view. For fashion age and shape does not matter at all.

Fashion tips for women

  • Don’t use the things which are outdated, or things that does not suit on you.
  • Body Texture-First understand your body shape which may be pear, apple, rectangle, inverted triangle, or hour glass and wear that dress that suits your body type.
  • For overweight women-If you are fat then avoid sleeveless. Avoid wearing cotton sarees and preferred dark or dull color with straight up prints or lines.
  • For medium size women-Light brown is most suitable color for medium size women. Preferred georgette saree or satin and for blouse, prefer nets.
  • For thin women-You can use any color, sleeveless, or strapped blouse.
  • Don’t buy clothes that are of small size thinking that you may loose weight.
  • If you are having large size legs avoid T-straps or ankle straps, large heels. Sandals, mules, and T-straps are not suitable for business.
  • Skin color-For fair women gold with a blend of copper, for medium or whitish colored you can have combination of white shades, light brown and bronzy golden, and for dark golden copper shades are suggested.
  • Personal opinion-If you are not feeling right by wearing something please avoid it. Try something different which is fashionable and give you pleasure.

Fashion tips for petite women

  • Choose same color shade or pattern for jacket and skirt or pants .
  • Choose a V-neckline and buy those dresses which having vertical lines.
  • Prefer soft, lightweight fabrics such as silk, rayon, or cotton.
  • Combination of a short jacket along with long pants, or a long tunic type top with a short skirt is helpful for petite women.

Fashion Tips for Women having Osteoporosis

  • Use loose dress or dresses which are slightly fitted.
  • V shape, soft cowl, or circular neckline looks pretty.
  • Use accessories such as scarves or shawls to focus face area.
  • Use flat shoes having rubber sole.

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Fashion Tips and Suggestion for Women


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