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Hair style is one of the major parts of fashion world. Hair styles plays very important role and greatly affect an outfit or personality. For different season different types of hairstyles are available.

Top five Hairstyle Trend for 2008 season

  • The Bob Hairstyle-It is also called as The Sexiest Hair Style of 2008. The length of hairstyle varies from ear to shoulder. Slightly curly and straight hairs are more comfortable for this type.
  • Wavy & Curly Hairstyles- You create curls, waves and twists in hair. Many people have curly hair naturally but for other people curls can be created by different tools such as hair rollers, rolling pins and curling irons.
  • Bangs And Fringe - Trimmed floated hairs and blunt lines are characteristic of this hairstyle. It is applied on any type of hair length.
  • Straight Hairstyles- Long hairs are beautiful and again back in trend. Straightening hair is important part of hair style. Excessive heating may cause dryness, brittleness and breakage of hair.
  • Short Hairstyles-Textured crop, pixie cut and messy look are some styles of short hairstyle.

2009 Hairstyle Fashion Trends for Long Hair

  1. Big Volume- Hairstyle of disco era again comes back having long curls with little feathery touch. In this type root of hair are smooth but mid length hair having waves like shape.
  2. Hollywood Waves-It gives you glamour’s, and luxurious look.
  3. Romantic Ripples-It gives you retro look but become stylish by celebrities.
  4. Boho Texture-carefree scrunched locks is famous look for outdoor.

Hair Trends for men in 2009

  1. The Fringe/Regency revival hair style-It comes in variety of length so you can choose which suits on your face.
  2. The Slick Back hair style-It indicates real American style and for giving this look first considers your hair type which may be straight or wavy.
  3. The Classic Back hair style-You can part hair from any side depending upon which look suits on you.

Hair Color Trends

Dirty Blonde, Platinum Blonde, Auburn, and Blonde for Men are the famous colors used for hairstyle in 2008. Peroxide Blonde color is favored for woman hair style in 2009.

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