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What is Fashion?


Fashion is an art or style for improvement of your beauty. The word fashion is not related to only for clothes or dresses but with many other things such as hairstyle, make up, perfume, accessories, shoes etc. Fashion varies from time to time and different cultures also have different fashion. Fashion is also depending on seasons. London, Paris, New York and Milan cities are highly famous for fashion weeks where designer show their new collection to the world. The word fashion is not related to female only but it is for male also.


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Fashion for Clothes

Dresses or clothes are vital part of fashion. Many people think that term fashion is related to clothes only but this is not the fact. People wants continues changes in their clothes from ancient time. From 8th century fashion for clothes started and it is still going on.

Media for Fashion

Magazines, newspapers, television, fashion websites and fashion blogs play very prominent role in fashion. During 20th century fashion magazines started to include photographs and because of this it get more popularity than ever before. Television come in picture from 1950s but in 60s and 70s fashion segment becomes more frequent. In 1980s television show FashionTelevision started. Internet and press are also play important role in today’s fashion world.

Fashion Tips

  • Every woman should have perfect black dress because it is one of the timeless fashion trend and suits on everyone.
  • Use of black along with blue color gives you sophisticated look.
  • Long skirt always looks stylish and for it doesn't matter your body shape.
  • Putting glasses or hats always give you nice look.
  • Avoid wrong oversize clothes, excessive jewelry, immense shoes with feminine dress and red-green combination for make up.

Areas of fashion

Architecture, interior design, crafts Body type, clothing or costume, cosmetics, personal grooming, hairstyle, dance and music, forms of address, other forms of speech, hospitality industry, entertainment, hobbies, sports, media, religion, social networks and many more are areas of fashion

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