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Perfectly Polished hairdos of Gail O Grady


Gail o Grady is best known as a television actress. She wore hairstyles that became trend and Gail’s hair has gone through an evolution – from long, to short, to long again, through a variety of styles. Let’s take a look on her hairstyles.
Long Razor Cut Style
Gail O Grady in honey-blonde hair has a long razor cut with soft romantic curls. Her face is oval shape face and it is ideal for any kind of hair style, so she can easily support most hair styles, which gives her true versatility in her look. In this style she has parted her hair to mid and her long side bangs were giving the shape and body to her hair style.
Gray mid Length hair with side bangs
The hairstyles with fringe are generally going to be preferred because it suits on her face. In this look she colored her hair in gray color with the mixing of her blonde color, and it is giving her incredible hair look. And side bangs with layered cut has been shown for framing her face, that’s look fantastic on her.
Freestyle look with loose curls
Gray o Grady had such type of look in 2003. She was having mid length blonde hairs with loose curls that showing her good looking freestyle hairdo. She had side short fringes in this style and to get loose curls large curling iron has to be used in damp hair.
Edgy Hairstyle of Gail
In this style her locks were sitting to the shoulder and cur in the edgy layers through the sides and back and front bangs providing great volume to her hair style by lifting up at the root. In this style not only Gail looks sexy but anybody who has this style will also look sexy.
A Smart Updo of Gail O Grady
This is very simple but smart updo. In this she pulled back her hairs at the head and secure them in a elegant updo with using bobby pins, but Gail had little high root in this updo so that it will provide more volume to this updo.
Short Hair cut of Gail
Gail O Grady also had short hair style n which her back side hair cut in very short and front portion hair and side portion hair was longer so that she could show off her side and front bangs, and these bangs were providing volume to her style.
Top Heavy Pixie Cut
This shorter hair style makes Gail O Grady center of attention with the razor-cut bangs and playful messiness. This is a great easy-care cut. With the shorter hair styling becomes much easier than with the longer hair. So in this style she was having pixie cut through her all over length but she had heavy bangs that has been razor cut and was coming towards her forehead. In this short cut she had volume at the root.

Gail O Grady PictureGail looked great at the CW Launch Party with this glamorous upstyle. Her blonde hair was pulled up smoothly through her sides and rounded through her top section for height. Floaty bangs were also added for textured finish. This beautiful and chic hairstyle gives amazing look to Gail O Grady and is suitable for most hair types.




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