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Fern Mallis Superb Hair Look


Fern Mallis was the Executive Director of the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) from 1991-2001. She provides her expertise in creating and organizing fashion events and she has judged fashion shows and competitions around the world. Here we are discussing about her hairstyles.
Fern Mallis’s Sleek Hair style
In this hair style she had simply straight locks up to the shoulder length that were providing the sleek look for the hair style. She parted her hair to the off side and the side swept bangs was giving the volume by doing uplift at the root and the ends was in even cutting and straight in form.
Copper Shaded Hair style of Fern Mallis
In this hair style her locks were sitting to her shoulder and her locks were in shaded form by using some cooper shade with lighter and darker color. In this style her straight hair was looking so gorgeous and the some fringes of copper were coming out to frame her face. The ends has been curled to the inside direction.
Layered Hairstyle of Fern Mallis
Her hair was slightly layered, and this hair style features chin length bangs which draw attention to the bridge of her nose and eyes. Her middle part also helps make this a good look for round face shapes, and it suits to Fern Mallis more.
Below the shoulder Hairdo
In this style she had dark hairs that were coming below the shoulder and her hair has been jagged cut in layer through the side and the end was is curly form. For doing that the curling iron has been used on her bottom 2 to 3 inches section and wrap to make them rolled inside, towards the face. Her side bangs cut shorter to make the look of style more stylish and attractive.
Straight Bouncy Hairs
Fern Mallis had hairs up to 1 to 2 inches below to the shoulder and hairs that touching to the shoulder. And her most the hair style was in touching the shoulder length. In this hair style her hairs sits on her shoulder and was having some bouncy style. To get this bouncy bob bevel your hair with the curling iron by run the curling iron through the length of your hair and clip the tail end of your hair with the curling iron and roll it up one to two inches. Roll your hair slightly under with the curling iron so the curl faces inward. This technique leaves only the bottom edge of your hair curled and will get the bouncy look.
Fern Mallis in Slightly Wavy Hair look
Although she usually had straight hair and most of the parties she attended with her dark straight locks. But in this style she was having little lighter hair than the usual she also had slightly wavy style. Her mane was styled in little slightly waves and her side swept bangs was framing her face with wavy look.

Fern Mallis PictureFern looked great at the 2007 CFDA Fashion Awards with this smooth and sleek hairstyle. Her hair was cut to sit on her shoulders and her ends were chipped into to take away the blunt edge. It is a perfect hairdo for her face shapes because the hair parted on the side helps to shorten the look of a long face shape. This is a great style for thicker hair types.







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