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Fantasia Barrino’s creative hairstyles


Fantasia Barrino definitely has a wide variety of hair styles and she wears most amazing hair styles. She knows how to wear and how to rock them all. Fantasia Barrino has been known by her stunning, spectacular and creative hairstyles. Do you want to look for Fantasia Barrino hairstyles? So here check out some of her boldest hairdos.
Fantasia Barrino Short Hairstyles

  • Very short Curly Hair style: In this short and simple hairstyle Fantasia Barrino’s hair has been cut clipper-cut short around the back and sides, and blending into the top which is also clipper cut but left side hair slightly longer to show texture and adds shape. This look is perfect on her.
  • Fantasia Barrino's asymmetric bob cut: In this hair cut she had uneven hair that was longer to the one side and very short to another side but it is balanced out by side-sweeping waves and curls. For styling this hair cut apply a nickel-size amount of curl-enhancing balm onto your damp hair. Blow dry one-inch sections then spritz a one-inch section with styling spray and wrap around a medium curling iron and repeat alternating curl direction until all hair is done.
  • Short taper cut: Fantasia reached with a sexy style at the "American Idol Finale" and looked great! Her back and sides were taper cut short and her top section was razor cut and she gave some spike look to the top hair. She thinned out her top hair to create this messy, textured style.
  • Curly Top Hair: In this style her top hair has been rolled with curling iron and her back hair has been jagged cut very short. The top hair remains longer and gives them curly look to create texturized hair look.

Fantasia Barrino in Long Length
This look she gave to her in American Idol Stage. Where she wore long, straight and sleek hair that is parted to the middle and has been cut in layers towards the sides. This style also looks awesome on her.
Fantasia at the "American Idol" Season 7 Grand Finale
Fantasia Barrino's blended her hairstyle the red color on the red carpet at the "American Idol" Season 7 Grand Finale. Fantasia has dyed her hair with different wild and fashionable hair colors and this red colored hair was looking head turner. Her style was also definitely noticed with its asymmetric shape with her side-sweeping wispy hair. To achieve the look, one side was cut short to above the jaw line while the opposite side was cut long and wispy about to touching the shoulder. This is a wild style of her.


Creativity on the mid line of head
In this creative hair style she was having short boy cut hair style, but the creativity was that she added a hair string on the mid line of her head that was little bit curly from the front side. This is really very different hair style.

Fantasia Barrino PictureFantasia went for a sexy style at the "American Idol Finale" and looked great! Her back and sides were taper cut short and her top section was razor cut and thinned out to create this messy, textured style. In this hairstyle Fantasia Barrino got perfect celebrity look and will be easy to maintain with regular trims.






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