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The singer Eve wears hair styles that are good looking and trendy and she provide new ideas for hairdos.   Here are some hairstyles of her; by viewing those styles you can recreate your style.
Eve at the MAC AIDS Fund Celebration
Eve was looking so gorgeous at the MAC AIDS Fund Celebration. Her hair was cut beautifully to get the perfect shape of her head and back layers were added and her shorter layers cut through the top and sides and these short top layers covering her almost forehead. This style will be easy to re-create for you and maintain it easily with regular trims. Eve's hair color also added spice to her overall style.
Eve with cascading rolls at End AIDS: An Evening to benefit amfAR
On that looking she was looking very beautiful in her pink dress. She wore her brunette shoulder length hair in cascading rolls. Her overall hair style in the cascading rolls. To get this hair style you need to fist apply curling lotion on to your damp hair, then blow dry with thick tooth comb. Then use large curling iron and roll through the length and get the style like Eve.
Stylish Updo
This is her flamboyant hairstyle, in which her copper colored length is pulled back and pinned to the back of the head to form this fantastic hairdo perfect for special occasion and best for prom. Her stylish long bangs are blow-waved smooth and comb it to the side and complete the over-all 'do magnificently.
Straight Long Hairstyle with Thick Bangs
In such hairdo she has long dark straight locks. For that her wavy hairs need to get straight by using some hair product and some straightening techniques like hair gel, lotion and straightening machine. After getting straight locks her top layers cut in short to create bangs and the bangs has been set on her forehead neatly that showing the thick front bangs hair style.
Formal Updo of Eve
Eve never fails to showing off her bold hairstyles. She always wears those hair styles that really rock the floor. In this Updo the top layers are cut short to add height for her bangs and her locks has been pulled back and sides are kept long and tied back for a smooth updo. She was having the shaded colored hairs in this style with blonde and black. And her top choppy layered bangs were looking great.

Eve Hairstyle at the BlackBerry launching Party
Eve turned heads at the launch party for the new BlackBerry Bold with her flamboyant hairstyle looked amazing. Her mane was styled over to one side by her long to the side bangs to achieve an asymmetrical look and shape, and her length has been swept back to secure them in a bun. A magnificent use of color in her hair style made her stand out from the crowd.
Orange Pixie Short Cut
This is her unique pixie short hair cut in which she was wearing orange colored hairs. This look make her different looking girl.

Eve Picture

Eve, the actress and the celebrity star looked gorgeous at the 48th Annual Grammy Awards adorning this awesome style. Eve looked super soft and approachable with this sexy and beautiful hairstyle. In this hairstyle, as seen in the picture, Eve's hair lengths were left well below the shoulder level and the top and sides of the hairs were trimmed in short layers to increase th wavy looks. The hair bangs were trimmed with razors and cut at sides to enhance her face impressions.







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