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Old Actress Eve Arden Hairstyles


The American Actress Eve Arden was Comedic actress starred in numerous films from the 1930s through the 1980s. In her carrier she had lots of various hair style that was very famous at that time. Here are some hair styles of her.
Eve Arden in Curly bob Cut
In this hair style she was having short bob cut and her hair was in wavy form and her side bangs and the bottom hair as been rolled to the inside. For that hair style you need curling iron in which 1 or 2 inches of bottom hair need to be wrap inside to get this type of curls.
Blunt Cut Style
In this style she had chin level length and her side swept bangs were in wavy look. And her bottom strands was curled in side towards her face. This is very common hair style that is famous among old actress, and she usually had this hair style.
Hair style with Hat
In one style she had hat on her head. Her locks has been styled in curly look, she pulled her curly locks in a back pony and some curly strands were left out from the pony and these were looking very cute coming out from the hat. That look was really awesome.
Buns hairstyle of Eve Arden
This is very unique and different hair style. In this hair style she is having side bun on both side near her head, this style can be achieve by using virtual hair or bun. And her front look was also very tremendous, for font look her front bangs have been folded towards her scalp and giving round shape by fixing pins inside the roll. This hair style was really very innovative in the old time.
Eva Arden Curly textured Hair
 Eva Arden mostly had short hair because she liked it and suited on her. In this textured hair style she had as usual short hair up to her ear length and those were in curly textured look by parting her hair to the side. In this style her curly flicks were coming out on her forehead that is looking fantastic.


Pinned Hair style
In this hair style she wore her natural curly hair that was pinned to the side for her movie shot. For that hair style her curly hair was parted to the side and her one side hair has been pinned to the side behind her ear to get some different look.
A High Upstyle
In this high Upstyle she had an upstyle on the top of her head. For that hair style her locks has been pulled back to the top and secure it in a top pony with the elastic and then the pony has been folded in a way so that it will look like a bun and fixed it with the help of pins. Her front hair has been cut short and set them in heavy bangs style on forehead.

Eve Arden Picture

The famous teacher Miss McGee from the superhit movie "Grease 2" better known as Eve Arden is looking impressive in this hairdo. The kind of depiction she had in her role in the movie is increased with this fuller yet showy hairdo. It is a perfect hairdo for Eve Arden's face shapes because the frontal portion of the hair was swept back with tiny curls which keep draping down. Then full bangs were added at the ends for giving it an extra definition. At the sides of the hair, the the layers were kept intact in a bun. Last but not the least, the back portion of the hairs were brought up nicely with small crispy curls hanging all out out around the bottom portion of the hairs.





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