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Evangeline Lilly’s Best hairstyles ever


The Beautiful Evangeline Lilly looks very attractive in her long locks, and in the almost hair styles she has long hairs. Here are some best hairstyles of Evangeline Lilly that you can see.
Long Hairstyles of Evangeline Lilly

  • Long Curly Hair: This is the hair style in which her long locks were styled in curly look. If you want this style then curl your strands alternating between a medium and large curling iron. Coat your hands with shine serum and rake your fingers through your hair to break up the curl.
  • Straight Layered Hair: In this hairdo she has straight locks and her long straight hairs has been cut in layer through the sides and also having side swept bangs that was coming across her forehead. To get this look apply styling lotion or straightening serum blow-dry using a paddle brush. Then run a flat iron over the surface of your hair for a sleek, straight finish.
  • Evangeline Lilly's curly coif: This style has a smooth infusion with a healthy dose of shine. To get this curly look after avoiding the top six inches, spritz a one-inch section with styling spray and wrap it tightly around a medium curling iron and repeat until all hair is curled. At last apply shine serum and run through your hair to break up the curl.

At the “The Princess of Montpensier” Premiere
Evangeline Lilly wore Pony Tail with Cascading Rolls at the “The Princess of Montpensier” Premiere. Her hair has been curled in cascading rolls and then pulled back all hair and secured the length in a ponytail with the help of Elastic. Although this is very simple hair style yet looks very nice on Evangeline Lilly.
Standard wet look of Evangeline Lilly
In such hair style she has long curly hairs that are giving the wet look. To get the wet look on hair need some kind of product to maintain the damp feel. And get the curly hairs with the curling iron.
Evangeline Lilly in brunette Upstyle
Evangeline Lilly wears her brunette hair in a loose updo. For that hair style her glossy brunette hair has been parted to the centre and pulled the length back and secured them in a clean bun. Her side bangs on both side has been left out for designing her forehead.

Flirty Hairstyle of Evangeline Lilly
In this curly upstyle she is looking gorgeous. To get this flirty, curly hairstyle, start by parting your hair as you like. Then curl your hair with a small to medium-sized curling iron and pull it back into a low ponytail, left out few curled pieces in the front and pin the ponytail into a loose bun until you get your look as you like. Add some texture by using Texturizing Spray.
Half Updo
In this hair style she had a simple half updo style in which she is having straight hair but the end was in loose curls. This is very simple but elegant hair style.

Evangeline Lilly Picture

Evangeline Lilly, the star and celebrity queen from the movie "Lost" looked amazing when she appeared at the red carpet of the 63rd Annual Golden Globe Awards doning this beautiful, great style. It is a lovely and beautiful style and Evangeline Lilly is looking very-very attracting here. As seen in the picture, the sides and top of the hairs were softly pinned back into a small delicate hair bun. The pieces of hair were left out at the front portion of the head to add shape to the face.





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