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How to wear Haircut of Eva Pigford


Eva Pigford hairstyles are very stylish and trendy, she worn many hairstyle in her carrier from colored to short. Eva Pigford knows how to wear a haircut that suits to her and chooses only those hairstyles well. The textured tress is best on her and gives a unique look and brings out her beautiful model features.
Eva Pigford Short Pixie Cut
Eva Pigford looks beautiful in the short pixie cut. In that hair style she is having very short hair on her head. Her hair has cut short just close to scalp, and the length is about 1 to 1.5 inches long. And the length of hair is even on her all over head.
Funky Look of Eva Pigford
This is the funky look of top model Eva Pigford. Eva's hair has been kept short and jagged cut to add style and bounce and having some wavy texture with the glossy brown color. This is a very easy haircut and you can get it, maintain this hair style with regular trims.
Eva Pigford Stylish Edgy short Hairstyle
This is the hairstyle in which Eva Pigford has short hair with edgy end. Her hair has been cut in that style in which her side and back hair are in short form but her top front hair is longer than rest hairs. And her front top hairs is coming towards her forehead and covering almost her head. And the top hair was in standing form to create edgy end.
Eva Pigford Curly Hair
Eva Pigford has naturally curly hair and it has a great textured foundation. For that hair style take larger sections of dry, curly hair and twist each while you direct the section back. Once all hair is back, then secure it with a coated elastic or decorative barrette or large clip.
Eva Pigford's twisted back hairstyle
This is the smooth, head-hugging finish hairdo which adds refinement to Eva Pigford's twisted back hairstyle.
For Styling this hair style first need to blend a quarter-size amount each of leave-in conditioner and straightening cream along with shine serum and apply onto damp hair. Using the flat edge of a paddle brush, blow dry two-inch sections at a time for pulling hair straight with each stroke. Then to make style create a deep side part and comb your length to the side and back. Twist your length several times and pin securely to the back of your head. Use shine spray for added luster and hairspray for hold.
Bob Cut Style of Eva Pigford
Eva Pigford also had Bob cut in her locks. In that hair style she has chin length hair and the hair is in straight form. Eva Pigford length has cut in layers from side and she also had fringes in zigzag form. This is a good bob cut style you can get this style by using hair products like straightening lotion and machine to make straight hairs and need to cut hairs in layers from sides with some beautiful fringes.

Eva Pigford Picture

Eva Pigford, latest top model and fashion circuit queen looks great in this zazzy hairdo which she adorned for 48th Annual Grammy Awards. Our celebrity Eva mesmerised the public with her stylish appearance. The sides of her hairs were trimmed short in layers and the top was layered in angles to create a delicate and sober shaped mohawk style. She enjoyed adorning this great styly which is bit tough in maintaining without professional help.







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