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Eva Herzigova represented several Hairstyles


The super model Eva Herzigova is a pretty woman and her beauty is increased also by her beautiful hair style. She had lots of hair style among them we are showing you some hair style here.
Above the Shoulder Hairstyle
The Big bangs on her forehead add subtle movement through Eva Herzigova's above the shoulder hairstyle. For styling this hair style you need to first apply a dollop of mousse onto damp hair and blow dry two-inch sections at a time. Then roll a one-inch section around three fingers and pin up at the root. Put the rolled section between the paddles of a large flat iron and clamp the iron down for a few seconds to set the curl and repeat all over until all hair has been pin curled then remove the pins and finger-style hair into shape.
At the annual garden party
In this party Eva Herzigova’s had super smooth tresses. If you want to try Eva's look at home, then blow-dry damp hair using a round brush to ensure super smooth tresses. At the hair ends use the round brush to curl upward. For more staying, blast with hot hair then cold air while holding the brush in place. When hair is completely dry, add a little backcombing at the crown portion. If hair ends don't have enough curl, then you should use a large-barreled curling iron to add more bend.

Eva Herzigova’s hairstyle at Cannes 2011

Eva Herzigova arrives at Cannes 2011 in her messy shoulder length half updo. In which she wore wavy shaded hairs and she parted her hair off side and pinned her side hairs at the back of head. Her bottom section of hair was curly and she pinned her side bangs in this hair style. This hair style is not liked very much.
Eva Herzigova Chopped Hair
This is the hair style in which Eva Herzigova has short hair. Her hair is blonde short hair and the texture is wavy. Who have short hair can opt such hairstyle of Eva Herzigova, and you will look smarter.
Sleek Haircut of Eva Herzigova
In this hair style her locks were simply straight and styled in a sleek look. For that hair style her long locks has been cut straight and in even length at the bottom length and she parted her hair to the mid and showing off the stark contrast on her hair.
At the 2012 amfAR Gala during the 65th annual Cannes Film Festival
On that day she wore the glossy updo with her glossy dress-up. She wore this hair style in her blonde hairs and pulled back her hairs into a bun. She wore a very clean and good looking Updo.
Front Poufy Look
Supermodel Eva Herzigova poses with her updo that has poufy look at the front portion of the head as she visits the Montblanc booth at SIHH 2012 on January 18, 2012 in Geneva, Switzerland. Eva wears this hair style that was looking perfect for that occasion.

Eva Herzigova picture

Eva Herzigova, our celebrity star from Russia looks mesmerising at the Launching event of Nnew Dom Perignon Rose Vintage Champagne appearing in this sexy style. In this picture, the length of the hairs were left well below the shoulder level and the top and sides of the hairs were layered shorter to enhance the wavy look. This further add body to the crown. This beautiful and genuine hairstyle gives great look to Eva Herzigova and will suit on people with medium to thick hair.







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