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The Actress Essence Atkins hairstyles


The actress Essence Atkins carries herself in the finest Hairstyles. She was highlighted for her Incredible and beautiful look of Hairstyles and drastically changed her look. Here are some famous Hairstyles of Essence Atkins.
Cascading Curls of Essence Atkins
In Cascading Curls Halle Berry looks pretty. With the long cascading curls she looks impressive especially at any event where she goes. In this hair style she had centre parted curls. For that use large curling iron after applying curling lotion on to damp hair. This hair style will be beneficial who have natural curly hair.
Essence Atkins attends the 2010 Entertainment Weekly and Women party
Actress Essence Atkins attends the 2010 Entertainment Weekly and Women in Film Pre-Emmy party sponsored by L`Oreal Paris in West Hollywood, California. On that day she wore fine Updo with side pouf. For that she pulled back her shiny dark hair in a bun and she made a side pouf to showing off her fine hair style.
At the premiere of Paramount Pictures` "Dance Flick"
Essence Atkins arrives at the premiere of Paramount Pictures` "Dance Flick" at Arc Light Cinemas in Hollywood, California. She was showing off her sleek straight long locks on that occasion. Her hair has been jagged cut in layers through her locks, and she had center parted hair. For that hair style you have to need straight hair, to get it use straightening lotion and straightening machine.
Choppy layers with fringes
In this hairstyle she has choppy layer, for choppy layers avoid cutting a bottom layer of your hair. And with the top layers, take a razor and use it against your hair, cutting it into choppy layers. You can also twist sections your hair and lightly press the scissors on it so it cuts off about 20 strands of hair, then move the scissors down to create another layer and do the same, to get choppy layers. And with the choppy layers Essence Atkins had smart fringes on her forehead.
Essence Atkins in High Volume Glam Curly Hairstyle
This high Volume Surly hair style suits on her and curly voluminous hairstyles are great hairstyles which actually soften Essence look by creating a certain angelic, innocent look. This is a look that can be a great solution for medium length or long tresses. You can get such hair style by using large curling iron and good hair products.
Curly Half Updo
This is the hair style that she makes in her long full bodied curly hair. In that she pulled back her front and sides curly hairs back and pinned them at the back side. And the rest of the hairs were giving very playful look. This hair style also looks very spectacular and great on dark ladies.
Red Carpet Hairstyle
Once she had High Bouffant on the red carpet. This hair style is very good looking style for such type of award function. She was having a delicate bouffant in her dark locks.

Essence Atkins  Picture

Essence Atkins is an amazingly beautiful lady with all the required attitude and guts to be a celebrity. Here in this picture, she is seen as a lady with full hair curls which are great fun to create and easy to imitate. As seen in this picture, our celebrity Essence's hair length is kept till the shoulder level and circular layers are doned all across her hair fall for a delicate soft, round and fuller look. In this popular hairstyle she applied a cut which can be easy to wear for people with medium to thick hair.




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