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Erinn Hayes Hair Makeover


Erinn Hayes hairdo gives us the better ideas for new hair look for woman. Here are some hairstyles of Erin Hayes.
Layered Locks of Erinn Hayes
In this style she has Volumized Layers that fill body in her pretty locks. To get it use volumizing mousse on damp strands before blow-drying then bend some of the edges with a flat iron. Try on this hair style this is suitable for any occasion.
Straight Sleek Hairstyle
Erinn Hayes' sleek hairstyle is a best choice for straight hair. She has below the shoulder hairs that had sleek and shiny look. To get that look use some smoothing cream to damp hair and blow dry straight and apply a flat iron over the bottom half of your hair to get rid of any curly section. For shiny look apply shine over your hair.
Erinn Hayes at the 35th Annual People`s Choice Awards
Actress Erinn Hayes arrives at the 35th Annual People`s Choice Awards held in Los Angeles, California. She wore at that day half updo and she had braided band on her head. For that style make a half updo after leaving 3-4 inches hairs at the side to make braid that is enough to make a braided headband. Then make a side braid to cover her head.
Erinn Hayes Medium, brunette hair
Erinn Hayes Wavy, medium, Brunette, Hairstyle is a great way to add volume to a medium haircut. To get this hairstyle, apply a heat protectant to damp hair and blow dry using a round brush and create a deep side part, and wrap medium sections of your hair around a styling wand and hold until you get that way look.
At CW/CBS/Showtime/CBS Television TCA party
Actress Erinn Hayes attends the CW/CBS/Showtime/CBS Television TCA party at Boulevard in California. She was having long blonde locks in that party. For that she swept back her hair without making any partition. The texture of her hair style was glossy and wavy.

Erinn Straight Sleek Hair style
This is Erinn Hayes straight hair style. In such hair style she had straight sleek look without any layered cut. She had simply straight cut with having straight bangs. And her bottom part of hair has been slightly curled towards her face.
Shoulder Length Hairstyles of Erinn Hayes
Erinn had such Hairstyle for long time. She wore spiral hairs, Dreads hairs, layers with Shoulder Length Hairstyle. She looks fabulous and bolder than ever and her Hairstyle always becomes fashion and trends for women. In the shoulder length hair style she has hairs that are some inches long to the shoulders.
Front Pouf with Wavy Hairs
Erinn Hayes had a front puff by pulling up the front hairs with the use of lifting accessories and the rest of the hairs are in wavy style in medium length. In that style she looks prettiest woman in the world. This hairstyle can be achieved by anyone within few minutes; it is very simple and attractive hairstyle.

Erinn Hayes Picture

Erinn Hayes, the beauty with hair locks which makes people around her go wild, done the best of her hairstyles at the American Idol Last 12 Finalists' Party with this beautifully simple hairdo. After she worn this hairstyle, she seemed like a top notch celebrity of the world. In this hairstyle, as seen in the picture, long shaped layers which were trimmed all through her top and sides to shape her flickery hairs. This also adds some amount of body to her top head hair sections. As seen in the picture, this style will suit on people with medium to fine hair types.




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