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The American Actress and singer Erin Torpey Hairstyles


Erin is prominent American actress and singer. Erin Torpey is the dynamic personality who had versatile hairstyle till now. Here are some hairstyles of Erin Torpey which was famous over the year.
Erin Torpey’s Blunt Cut
This is the hair style in which she had blunt cut. In such hair style her hairs has been cut in event length form the edges of hairs and the edges has been rolled to the backward side. She parted her hair to the middle and with her smiling face she looks cute in this hair style.
Blonde Wavy Hair Look
In this hair style she had long locks that were in her natural color that is blonde. She parted her hair to the mid and the texture was wavy. In this style she has her natural wavy look of hair and also having bangs on both sides.
 High Elegant Pony
This is her elegant look in which she styled her hair in good looking high pony. For that she pulled her shiny and glossy hairs to the back and then secured all hairs in a pony with using elastic band. The pony has been made at the high crown portion of the head. This is very simple hair style and you can make this style in oily hair too.
Stylish Updo of Erin Torpey
In this style she made a high updo and she used a stylish band in that updo. For that hair style she pulled back her hair at the high position of head and then made a pony, after making it she tied a dress matching head band to the pony, it was looking really very nice.
Straight Bob Cut
In a movie she had Bob cut style which was having side long bangs that was falling on her forehead and face. Front hair was in layers style and the back hair was in even length with her blonde hairs. In this hair style she looks cute and looks like a doll.
Half Updo Style
This is a simple half updo hair style in which she pulled back her short hair from the front and side and fixed them at the back side of head with the help of pins. Her side small fringes left out towards her forehead for providing fantastic look.
The Messy Updo of Erin Torpey
In this hairstyle she had a messy updo. To get this style first part your hair to the centre then after leaving 2 inches hair from both side combed back all hairs back. Pin the 2 inches side hair behind the ear. The make a high pony with those pulled back hairs and then roll that pony to the forward direction and fix it with the help of bobby pins. Have some curly strands at side of ear to give attractive look.
Highly Defined Curls
She wore highly defined curls in this hairstyle. For that use small curling iron to make highly defined curls for the style and applies styling gel to place hairs well.

Erin Torpey Picture

Erin Torpey apeared casually with this curly hairdo at the AIDS Healthcare Foundation's "Hot In Hollywood" party. Sometimes the cool and casual look says all that is needed for and looked great! This style is a very sexy and soft hairstyle of Erin Torpey and is a great textured layer cut which creates lots of body and is a great styling option for naturally wavy hair types.






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