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Evolving Hair Makeover of Emmanuelle Vaugier


Emmanuelle Vaugier evolved her hair look; she dramatically changes her hairstyles and looks which gives her pretty cool makeover. You can know here exactly what hair styles she had on different occasion and event.
Emmanuelle Vaugier Slightly Wavy Hair
Emmanuelle Vaugier wore her long wavy locks in an event. She was having layered shaded hairs that were darker to lighter from top to bottom. Her side bangs were also in layers from too short to long that were coming across her eye. For this style apply styling lotion to get better hair style like her.
Beachy Wavy Hair of Emmanuelle Vaugier
She looks very beautiful in these beachy wavy long locks with side bangs. For this hair style apply styling lotion on to you damp hair and them blow dry your strands and use a large curling iron to provide them beachy wavy look.
Red Carpet Hair style
This is the Emmanuelle Vaugier Long Straight Glossy Hair style. She had simply straight edgy hair which was looking very sleek and she tucked her some side bangs behind her ear. Who has long locks can have Emmanuelle Vaugier hair look easily and will be best choice for any special occasion.
At the premiere of 'The Twilight Saga: Eclipse'
Emmanuelle Vaugier showed off her long curly loose curls while attending the premiere of 'The Twilight Saga: Eclipse'. She was looking too pretty in such hair style. For that hair style use a curling iron that is like 1 1/2 inches thick and holds for 5 to 10 seconds after applying some mousse to your damp hair, then take your fingers and comb through each curl and start from the top of a section of hair and then wind it around the iron. You will get the right hair style which you want.
Emmanuelle Vaugier long Layers
The Canadian actress is wearing her hair in long layers with reddish and golden streaks that is woven to blend in with her naturally brown colored hair. For that her hair has been gently coiled with a curling iron to give spot curls in different areas mainly for bottom length and her bangs have been cut bluntly about one and a half inch below her eyebrows. She was giving her stunning look with her smiling face.

Emmanuelle Vaugier mid Length Playful Locks
This is her mid length hair style, in that her hair were dry wavy form and she showing of her hair on her shoulder. The look was of her hair looking playful.
Emmanuelle Vaugier Half Updo
In this hair style her hair length was below the shoulder level and her top section have been cut in layers and made them slightly curly to enhance the movement of hairs. The top section of hairs has been swept and pinned up for height. Leave the back hairs fall on the back of her to define some extra definition. This style looks best on her.

Emmanuelle Vaugier attended the Arby's Action Sports Awards and adorned a style which is great and fun filled. Here a very great, loving, fantastic and a charming hairstyle is worn by our celebrity star Emmanuelle Vaugier. Here the lengths of her hairs were left long and flowing, and short shaped facial layers were trimmed to frame her face. This further create shape around the front of her face. Lengthy sweeping hair bangs were added and trimmed in angle s to blend this style. Long foreheads people and people with receding hairline can opt this hairdo.



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