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Emma Watson's different hairstyle during her eventful career


Emma Watson working in Hollywood from many years from her young age when she was only 10 year old and  grown up in the spotlight, by her role as Hermione in the eight Harry Potter films, Emma Watson has had her hairstyles scrutinized from a young age. Here is some memorable hair style of Emma Watson.
At the screening of “The Perks Of Being A Wallflower”
At the screening of this film she arrived with brunette locks are that were growing out of her old pixie crop and now she looks gorgeous in her new wavy side-swept bob. In that hair style she pulled her side hair and pinned them back after leaving the playful curly side bangs across her forehead.
Pixie looks of super sexy Emma Watson
In her pixie look she looks very sexy and hot. To get that style apply a pea-size amount of styling lotion onto damp hair and use a vent brush and blow dry your hair smooth against your scalp. Few drops of shine serum apply onto your hands and run your palms over your hair to smooth the surface.
Emma Watson Braided hairstyle
This is the hairstyle of Emma Watson at the Orange Film Awards nominees’ party in 2009. She wore an original braided hairstyle in which her side hair has been braided in a way which covers her crown area and the rest of hair was in free style.

Ultra-long chocolate locks

Emma Watson tried almost every length of hair cut. In this hair style she had Ultra long chocolate color locks. She had simple straight strands and that were parted to the side having side swept bangs across her forehead.
Emma Watson Sophisticated Updo
She wore style this hairstyle in the slightly bodified and curly hair. For that hair style her length has been twisted until the hair buckles upon itself to form a messy bun. Then tuck the ends under the bun and secure it with pins into place. For this Updo the bun should be loose, and some fringes all over for framing the face required.

Emma Watson at the Frieze Art Fair
Emma Watson arrives in the Frieze Art fair with Half-Updo. To do that she pulls her blonde locks back into a half pony loosely, and she was having the side-swept bangs in the wavy locks. This is very simple but attractive hair look.

The side-parted, slicked-back hairstyle

This is the favourite look of Emma Watson. In this hair style her glossy dark hair has been side parted and slicked back in a smart bun. That was really very chick hairstyle with clean touch. Her hair was stick with her scalp in that style.

Smooth and Wavy ends

Emma Watson locks were looking voluminous and smooth in this style. Her hair was simply straight but the bottom section of hair was slightly wavy, and her off side parted hair providing the beautiful thick bangs.

Emma Watson picture

Emma Watson, the lady in the Harry Potter series, the friend of Ron and Harry, looked awesome when she arrived at David Letterman. In this hairstyle celebrity star Emma's golden brown blonde locks were layered to create this perfectly shaped style. Long side swept bangs were curled and cut to shape her face. Here Emma is able to get the attention of the fashion guys all across the US and she got the deserved space in the celebrity pages.







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