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Baby Spice Emma Bunton Hair Makeover


Emma Bunton is known as a Baby Spice and she is a Singer, Songwriter, TV and Radio Presenter. She had many more super chic hair style. So by Emma’s Hair style you can get the new look for you.

Emma Bunton Long Blonde Locks
She has this hair style for long period and hasn't changed much since her days in the Spice Girls. The little enhancement she adds a bit of bang to her hairstyle. This is very simple and beautiful hairstyle, in which straight hair has been styled with side swept bangs.

Wavy below the chin length Hair
Former spice girl Baby Spice, rocks in her surprisingly mature just below the chin length hairstyle. She had her blonde hair in some wavy form with side wavy bangs. You can get such hairstyle with the help of styling h air product and curling iron.

Emma Bunton at the New Woman Beauty Award Function
Emma looked very different and great with this blonde creation at the New Woman Beauty Awards. Her Jagged layers were cut around her top and side sections to create this textured look. Long shaped bangs were also cut to shape her face. She was having multiple toned hairs like dark black, light and dark brown and blonde like that type of color. This style will work well who have medium to thick hair types.

Emma in her new short blonde
In this hair style she had her blonde locks in short length. Her hair cut straight and in even length from the bottom, but only side bangs were in short form.

Emma Bunton at the closing act for the London 2012 Olympics
The Spice Girls were part of the closing act for the London 2012 Olympics and the women of spice girl looking radiant, with beautiful hairstyles and makeup looks. Emma Bunton hair style also was awesome, she was having shoulder length blonde hairs in the beach wavy form. In that hair style she was looking very pretty.

Emma Bunton with Sassy Mane
Emma Bunton showing off her sassy mane at the 2008 Glamour Woman of the Year Awards. Her hair was cut into a shoulder length bob which was in dazzling layers cut through the front and sides and this cut provide the bounce and body to her locks.

Emma Bunton Updo with Front Heavy Bangs
This is not a clean hair style. In that hair style she wore uneven heavy bangs on her forehead and braids have been braided at the side portion of head and the rest were secured in an Updo with having braids also, this is like a messy hairdo.

Emma’s Soft Waves Hairstyle

This is the hair style in which it has volume around the crown, and the sweeping fringe and soft end waves play up Emma’s long locks. Make sure to make balance according to your face shape, and keep volume and movement below the chin-length.

Emma Bunton Picture

Emma Bunton, the blue eyed beauty appeared at the Q awards in this upscale hairstyle which gave her the attention of the media and fashion aficionados. In this widely popular hairstyle she made a long, face framed angles. These layers were then cut to shape her face and to add length to her face shape. As seen, this style is easy to do at home and can be easy to maintain as well.



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