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The Famous Hollywood Star Emily Procter Hairstyles


The famous Hollywood star Emily Procter carries herself in the finest Hairstyles. She was highlighted for her Incredible and beautiful look of Hairstyles and drastically changed over the year. Here are some famous Hairstyles of Emily Procter.
Emily Procter Straight Layered Hair Cut
This is the hair style in which she had layered cut in her mid length hair. In that style Emily Procter length has been cut through ear length to bottom and the side bangs also cut at the eye level. This style will be perfect for those who have straight silky hair. And Emily Procter also was having glossy hair with side straight bangs.
Emily Procter at Bravo’s Party
In this party she arrived with curly and wavy mid length hair. This hairstyle you can get after applying styling gel and by large curling iron. Her front bangs have been set like a side swept wavy bangs that covering her forehead.
Tightly make Bun
This is her Updo in which she wore a bun with side fringes. To get that style start with straight dry hair and make a deep side part. Leave some long bangs out but take your length back starting from behind your bang area into a bun. Secure bun into place with hairpins and spray hairspray to finish.
Emily Procter in CSI: Miami
In this movie she was having Blonde locks that were sit on her shoulder. Her locks were in straight form and she parted her hair to mid and she had bangs on both side that framing her face very well.
Emily in her long Locks in West Wing
In the West Wing she had long locks that were simply straight. In her mid parted hair she pinned her both side bangs back with showing off her ear. Although this is very simple and old hair style but she looked very cute and beautiful.
Roller Style of Emily Procter
This is the hair style in which her hair has been rolled in very smart style. For this hair style set random dry hair on larger hot rollers and placed randomly all over mainly the bottom section of hair. After cool it removes the rollers and brush through your hair until you will not get soft, volumous movement in your hair.
Emily Procter Long Hair Style

  • Long Semi Wavy Hair: In that style her long locks were in semi wavy but not all over the hair but that waves were mostly in the bottom section.
  • Long Straight with side Bangs:  In this style she had straight long locks with side long bangs. If you want such hairstyle in your long locks then make straight your hair by using straightening gel of machine and cut your upper side bags according to your face shape.
  • Shiny Glossy Locks: In that hair style she wore her long blonde locks with shiny and glossy texture. This look is really very awesome.

Emily Procter Picture

Emily Procter appeared at the 2007 People's Choice Awards adorning this smooth upstyle and looked astonishing. This hairstyle gave a sensuous and soft sexy look to our celebrity Emily Procter. As seen in the picture, the hairs were pinned up and a small amount of height was added at the top section. After that very light yet correct sweeping hair bangs were added to make this look complete. This stunning finish is easy to take up and is suitable for all the formal and casual occasions.



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