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Elsa Pataky wore Hollywood-inspired beautiful hair styles. And she tries to make a hair and beauty splash for a big night or occasion. Here we are showing you her famous and most glamorous hair styles.
Elsa Pataky Braided Hair styles

  • Elsa Pataky Messy Braid: Elsa showed a textured loose braid, and her braid has been shined with blond while her rest hairs were in dark color. This hair style is easily achievable by uncombed hair due to her messy look and need the right products.
  • Long Neat Braid: This is the braid that has been made in her long dark locks. In that hair style she wore a simple neat and clean braids that she was showing off on her shoulder at front side. In that braided look she stealing spot light.

Beachy Blonde Hair style
 Elsa Pataky’s this hair style reflects her playful side with a long, free flowing mane of beachy blonde hair. The hairstyles with long layers and tapered feathers bring volume and a lot stylish looking. Elsa Pataky looks beach ready with these long, blonde, beachy curls that frame her face beautifully.
Elsa Pataky shining at the premiere of 'Thor'
Elsa Pataky reached in her swept long waves that were across her shoulder for the premiere of 'Thor.' In that hair style her bottom hair was in blonde and has been curled in side direction with the help of curling iron and hair product.

Elsa Pataky Twisted Hair
This is the Elsa Pataky Twisted locks hair style in which her locks has been styled to show off twisted hair from the length of shoulder to the bottom of hair. To get that hair style apply sections of dry hair with styling spray and twist the shoulder length portion before curling the length with an extra large iron. Let them up to cool, and then undo and rake through with pomade on your fingers.
Elsa Pataky attends the Elie Saab Spring/Summer 2013 show
Elsa Pataky attended the Elie Saab Spring/Summer 2013 show as part of Paris Fashion Week at Espace Ephemere Tuileries in Paris, France. In that show she arrives with her simple bun. In that hair style the different look was her white fringes at the front portion of head.

Red Carpet Event Hair styles

  • Straight Free Flowing Long hairs: This is the hairstyle in which she has straight shaded hairs and those were parted to the off side and her side swept bangs has been set in gorgeous style.
  • Wrapping Round Bun: In this style she wore her hair in a wrapping style bun. For that her all hair has been swept back in a pony then this pony wrap round to make a bun and the tip of hair has been pinned inside the bun, so that it will look clean bun.
  • High Bouffant: she arrives at the GQ Man of the Year awards with this hair style. In that she wore a smart and shiny bouffant.

Elsa Pataky Picture

Elsa Pataky, the rising star from the movie "Snakes on a Plane", appeared at the Los Angeles premiere of this her movie with this mesmerising hairstyle. This is a popular hairstyle where she introduced a long layer which was blended into Elsa's long hair to increase the slight curl all across her hair ends. This hairstyle is an excellent makeover for semi-formal and maybe somewhat casual occasions. This hairdo will suit people with smaller face shapes as seen in the picture for our celebrity star Elsa.



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