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Spot Light Stealing Hair Look of Elize Du Toit


Catherine has one of the most eye catching hair look as well as pretty hair that she wears in different-different attractive hairstyles with her natural blonde hair. Here are some Elize Du Toit’s spot light stealing hair styles.
Elize Du Toit short straight hair cut
This is her stunning cut that is fun, fresh and really easy to maintain. In this hair cut razored ends have been cut throughout the back and sides of Elize Du Toit’s hair and wispy bangs have been added on her forehead for providing a very heavily textured effect. This cut suits to her oval shape face.
Elize du Toit in Straight short Bob Hair
The bob haircut is a timeless hairstyle that became fashionable in the 1920 and today, bobs are still trendy and come in a range of styles including the straight bob, the curly bob and the Japanese bob etc. Elize du Toit also wore Straight Short Bob Cut at the TV Quick party. Straight, short bob can be achieved in a few steps with the help of you salon.
Red Carpet Event Hairstyle
She wore a beautiful bun on a red carpet Event. In that hair style her blonde locks that were highlighted with dark color has been pulled back and secured in a smart loose bun. In that style she also had side bangs on both sides that were framing her face. This is very common red carpet and for any special occasion hairstyle, and look very nice.
At the UK premiere of "Prometheus"
Elize Du Toit arrives at the UK premier of “Prometheus” in her simple pony. This is her very simple hair look that can be achieved easily. For that pulled back the locks from both front and sides by combing them and then make a pony with the using of elastic band. In that hair style Elize Du had shaded hairs.
Flat Head Hair Style
This is the hair style in which she pulled back her hair and made a knotted bun. Her front look was like a flat had due to her front head look, in that she sticks her hair in a side swept look with off side partition. You can get this hair style in oily hair.

Eliza Du Toit in Long Wavy Locks
This is her rare hair style. Her blonde mane with black highlights with wavy texture looks very amazing and makes her sexy. This is the simplest hair style just give the wavy touch at the bottom part of hair also give you look like her.
Edgy Layers
This is her younger hair look. In that hair cut make the separate edgy layers for top and bottom hairs. Cut the medium sections of hair in a feathering pattern. And also make sure that cutting hair in this manner so that feathers the hair, and making it fall evenly. At the end make one final cut across the hair from ear to ear. This complements your straight and edgy layers.

Elize Du Toit Picture

Elize Du Toit is looking fantastic in this celebrity hairstyle. This stunning hairdo is fun filled and is a perfect fit for young and dynamic people like Elize. As seen in the picture, the hairs are razored from the ends and the cuts are done throughout the back and sides of Elize's hair. Crispy hair bangs were added for a very heavily positioned effect. Look at the smile and attitude along with the hairstyle Elize is carrying in this picture.







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