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Elizabeth Banks is a very famous actress. She always likes to frame her face with the various pretty hairstyles. She has been seen in versatile hair styles like sleek hair, curly bobs, mid length hairstyles, long layers and sophisticated updos. Her hair is fine, but the medium long Haircuts with some side volume seem to become her best. Elizabeth Banks also use color in her hair ranging from honey to strawberry blonde and beach blonde with subtle highlights. Have a look on her different-different hairstyles.
Full Bodied Short Hairdo
This full bodied hairdo is look nice in her, for that blow-waved to add body and volume all through the sides and back making it a fantastic 'do this hair style helps to balance out a long face. Product is needed for hold and shine.
Big Bouncy Curls
This is smooth roots and big bouncy curls give her chin-length hairstyle gives her glamorous finish. For that apply a handful of volumizing mousse onto damp hair after that blow-dry two-inch sections at a time with a large round brush lift at the root for providing volume. For perfect curls turn the brush several times to create a bend through the length and roll the ends under Now create a short, messy, side part and push bangs to one side for the finish side take the hair back and pin the ends up underneath at the nape of  the neck and apply hairspray.
Funky Bob Hairdo
This is the Cool and casual hair style and having funky look is the main idea for this hairdo. In that Elizabeth Banks’s ends and long layers are jagged cut to achieve a textured look and feel. This funky bob hairdo look very cool and stylish and it is easy to maintain with regular trims and need strong hair spray for hold and shine.
Above-the-Shoulder Hairstyle
This is the above shoulder smart hairstyle that adds curvy fullness and soft curls to her hairstyle. Her hair distribute a dollop of mousse and her locks has been blow dry two-inch sections at a time with a large round brush the main thing is lift at the root for volume and then neatly roll the ends under.
For the awesome look her hair has been mist in a one-inch thick vertical section with styling spray and wraps it around a medium curling iron. This is how you can get this hair style.

Red Carpet Hairstyles

  • The style in which Elizabeth Banks pulls back her front bangs and gave poufy look around the crown of her head to focus on her.
  • This is the texturized length back into an easy ponytail with the smooth, center-parted roots, for that Elizabeth Banks pulls her side and front bangs.
  • The style in which highlighted blonde locks are pulled up and pinned to the top of the head into a chignon, this hairstyle giving  height and lift at the crown and making balance out a round face.

Elizabeth Banks Picture

Elizabeth Banks stole the show and impressed people at the 2006 ESPYS Sports Awards with this funky curly hairdo. This style is quite popular. FOr this style, she applied a soft shaped layers which were cut around her top and side sections to create body and to inturn shape her curls. A simple yet prudish side parting was also used to add fuller body and textured shape to her face. This style will fit to people with thick to medium hair types.





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